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Let Your Soul Talk

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What to write?  No title was in my mind, some vague threads to amalgamate into content and then, suddenly there it was, let your soul talk.  Where did that come from you may ask?  Well, as I sit here at my keyboard, playing to my right is my music system from which came this inspiration.  Music is my great love and all this week I have played in Chuck Wild's 'Liquid Mind III' 'Balance', for my yoga students in their end of class relaxation.  Progressively, this music touched me more and more deeply through the week and so it was today, as I played the title track from 'Liquid Mind V' 'Serenity'. I was transported as I listened to that soul talk and deeply embodied into the deepest stillness.

Magic can happen, yet finding ourselves with the time to experience it or worse still not even knowing that it can, may be the life that many lead in the modern world.  Yoga too can take you there.  The interconnections from within and without talk.  Where they take you in your yoga and what you call it when you find it is up to you.  The magic is within us all and it will talk and guide you if you wish it.  Things will be revealed, a truth you will see and if you are lucky others have found this too and, like Chuck can express it in music.  Bide a while here and see if you can find it: https://www.liquidmindmusic.com/index.html

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